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Lead Times

I do not stock any products. All items are made to order by hand. My lead times can vary depending on the volume of orders I have at any given time but usually range between 4-5 weeks.

Leather Care

Try not to get your products wet, but if this happens, let them completely dry out then apply a small amount of leather balm or wax. I recommend applying balm or wax to your product once or twice a year anyways.

Knife Sheath Care

When you first receive your sheath, It will typically be very stiff. Please use extreme caution and care when inserting your knife. I have no doubt that you keep your knives sharp, therefore they can puncture the walls of the sheath if not inserted straight. Measure your knife against the stitching pattern on the sheath to make sure you don't push the knife too far into the sheath and cut through the welt. This can cause damage to the sheath and harm to yourself. Please be careful.

Once your knife is in, I recommend leaving it for a few days to allow for the leather to form to the shape of the knife. I do NOT recommend using different knives in the same sheath or in a sheath that is not designed for that knife. This can lead to damage to the sheath over time. 

I will not replace any sheath that is damaged by user error or improper use.

If you have a knife that I do not have a template for, please email me about sending in your knife to have a sheath custom made. 

Contact Me

If you have any custom requests or have other questions for me, please email me at info@oakcityleathersupply.com or DM me on instagram @oakcityleathersupply